Queensland – Open for Business – With Covid-19 compliance approval issued by the Prevention Division of Queensland Health – BARS is now offering Government funded security courses throughout all of Queensland (including remote communities).  * * * *  E N R O L   N O W  * * * *


BARS Training
Many licensed security providers in Queensland have let their license expire due to Covid-19 and the downturn within the Queensland hospitality industry.
Now they maybe required to do their training all over again should they wish to return to their security careers. This class photoghraph taken after a security course in Townsville - and yes he still has both legs :)
BARS Training
BARS Training Australia is committed to quality training and the continued support of our students.
To this end, we are about to invite Queensland security firms to participate in our “Professional Profile” system that links our students with security employers throughout Queensland.
BARS Training
As part of the Australian Government’s plan to assist Australia’s economic recovery, the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments agreed in August 2020 to amend the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 to enable the introduction of automatic mutual recognition of occupational licences (AMR), subject to approval by respective parliaments.
Automatic mutual recognition scheme is set to begin on July 1, 2021 with submissions now being called. Have your say!