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Webinar Service

Welcome to BARS Webinar Service



At any time during your course you are invited to contact the Principal of BARS Training Australia and seek assistance.  There is however a few steps that must be taken before this is problem.

STEP 1:  You need to have the Skype program installed on your computer.  If this program is not currently loaded on your computer please (click here) to load this free program – yes it’s safe

STEP 2:  Once you have downloaded and installed the Skype program follow these directions go to the top left of the screen following these direction

  • Go to the top left of the screen following these direction click on “Contacts”. 
  • Scroll down and highlight “Add Contacts – Search Skype Directory”
  • Type into the search field “bars_training” and choose this from the list
  • You will now see an option to “Add to Contacts”

STEP 3:  Once this contact has been made and verified by our office, you will receive an telephone call to discuss a suitable time for you to take part in this free webinar service.

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