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Terms & Conditions

When a potential student submits the online order for training services, this course order does not guarantee a position in a BARS Training Australia course and is subject to acceptance by BARS Training staff.


If their course order is accepted they must agree to abide by the guidelines of BARS Training Australia as set out in the student information booklet provided prior to enrolment. If they elect not to abide by any of these guidelines they are to advise BARS Training Australia in writing of this fact, stating which guideline they will refuse to abide by, and all monies will be refunded by BARS Training Australia in line with our refund policy.


Participants who undertake training must:

  • undertake that Training in a responsible manner ensuring that the it reads and understands the course material, including material to which the it is directed through links to other websites or attached articles;
  • recognise that activities are part of the learning process;
  • complete all activities and revise the course if it is unable to complete the required tasks correctly prior to attempting the assessment tasks;
  • not use material from any other source in the Participant’s assessments without recognising that source, including information available on the web;
  • conduct the Training in the manner detailed;
  • only lodge materials as part of the Participant’s assessments which are the Participant’s own work;
  • not seek or accept assistance with assessments except for support offered by the accredited and recognised on-line support offered by BARS Training Australia, and approved mentors assisting students approved to receive language literacy and numeracy support.


The Participant warrants that the Information which it provides to BARS Training Australia, whether directly or indirectly, or through the Website, or which is otherwise displayed on the Website, is provided in good faith and is true and correct to the best of its knowledge, information and belief.


To avoid doubt, it is a breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Participant to provide false or misleading Information to BARS Training Australia, whether directly or indirectly, or through the Website, or to otherwise display false or misleading Information on the Website.


Participants who successfully complete BARS Training Australia Supplied Accredited Training to the standard required by the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 will receive a statement of attainment certifying that the BARS Training Australia Supplied Accredited Training completed complies with the requirements of that Authority.


Participants who fail to successfully complete BARS Training Australia Supplied Accredited Training in accordance with the RTO Standars 2015 may be required to repeat the Training, or a part of the Training, prior to a statement of attainment being issued.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by BARS Training Australia, the Participant must pay for any additional Training accessed by the Participant because of its failure to successfully complete the Training on its first attempt.