Queensland – Open for Business – With Covid-19 compliance approval issued by the Prevention Division of Queensland Health – BARS is now offering Government funded security courses throughout all of Queensland (including remote communities).  * * * *  E N R O L   N O W  * * * *


Professional Profile Services

How it works

Students set up a free online “Professional Profile” on our fully encrypted server which will enable you to;
  • Email your resume and cover letter to potential employers (with chosen privacy settings);
  • Receive training / license reminders;
  • Receive free industry advice in an integrated security forum; and
  • Receive a minimum of 20% discount on all future BARS Training Services
  • Be immediately connected to Queensland employers when their employment profile match job vacancies listed.
Employers set up a free online “Vacancy Profile” on our fully encrypted server which can:
  • Immediately display professional profiles on the system;
  • Comply to the Security Firm’s obligation to keep a register of security providers (Regulation 20 Security Providers Regulation 2008);
  • Receive company documents / insurance reminders;
  • Access training / license records of their staff; and
  • Receive a maximum of 50% discount on all future BARS Training services for their staff. *
The system will be fully operational over the next few months and intends to carve new ground in getting Queensland security employers together with licensed jobseekers in the Queensland security industry.

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