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Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) Occupational Licensing Consultation

Automatic mutual recognition (AMR) will allow a person who is licenced or registered for an occupation in one jurisdiction to perform the same activities in another, without having to apply for another licence or paying additional registration fees.

The scheme is set to begin on July 1, 2021.

The draft legislation introduces a number of core elements including:
  • No application or renewal fee will be required to work in another state under automatic deemed registration (ADR – with certain conditions)
  • The laws of each state/territory will apply to any work done within that jurisdiction, even if the worker is registered elsewhere.
  • States can exempt registrations from the scheme if they believe there will be a significant risk to consumer protection, or the health or safety of workers or the public
  • The current mutual recognition scheme will continue to operate.
Local regulators are proposed to play a key role. According to the AMR consultation document, information sharing between states and territories will be expanded to allow them to confirm a person’s eligibility for automatic recognition and their authority to carry out an activity.

The closing date for submissions on the AMR scheme and draft legislation is Friday, February 12. To read more, and to make a submission, click here.

The Security providers Association of Australia (SPAAL) will be making a submission, members please email your comments for inclusion in the SPAAL submission to mark@spaal.com.au by Monday 8 February 2021.

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